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My aim is to help people and their birds through advice and information. Birds are very clever. Read this blog to learn tips to make you bird clever!, Hi my name is Kim. I keep a variety of very Clever Birds! I keep Australian native and exotic parrots. Cockatiels I guess fill up more space than any others in my garden and bird room. I show my cockatiels and have a breeding program for a rare mutation which appeared in the latest "A Guide To Cockatiels" book, written up by Dr Terry Martin who is a world famous bird geneticist. A photo of my bird showed the unusual feather patterning and colour. Budgerigars were my first bird and I keep the show budgies and Bush Budgies. My interest is in breeding unusual colours.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Wow it has been a while since I last posted here on blogger. I guess this is because Facebook takes up so much time not to mention the birds!!! With this nice crisp autumn weather the birds are all looking to nest making and pairing up. There are many hopeful male birds in my aviaries at the moment! They sing so nicely especially the cockatiels. Lately the number of calls I've had relating to bird care has been high. People seem to be trying harder to make their birds' lives better which is just great and I am always glad to give advice.


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Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary Australia said...

We had a visitor to the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary today who commented that her pet bird began biting her so she has given her away to her mother and father. It is worth noting that all pets have the capacity to bit us. Some use biting as a means of letting us know of a need they have.

Anonymous said...

I wish we had adopted our two rabbits instead of buying them from the local pet shop.


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