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My aim is to help people and their birds through advice and information. Birds are very clever. Read this blog to learn tips to make you bird clever!, Hi my name is Kim. I keep a variety of very Clever Birds! I keep Australian native and exotic parrots. Cockatiels I guess fill up more space than any others in my garden and bird room. I show my cockatiels and have a breeding program for a rare mutation which appeared in the latest "A Guide To Cockatiels" book, written up by Dr Terry Martin who is a world famous bird geneticist. A photo of my bird showed the unusual feather patterning and colour. Budgerigars were my first bird and I keep the show budgies and Bush Budgies. My interest is in breeding unusual colours.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nesting season approaching Some things to consider when breeding time is near for pet and aviary parrots

Pet and aviary parrots are just like all other living beings, when its breeding season behaviours change and not always for the better! Sometimes your tame Sun Conure or Green Cheek will give you a much too hard grip with her beak when nesting time approaches as will most other parrots. The bigger the beak the bigger this problem will be for you! My advice is to let them be. Keep hands out! The breeding pair will just want to protect their nest and have privacy. The link will lead you to articles with more informaton on bird care.

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