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My aim is to help people and their birds through advice and information. Birds are very clever. Read this blog to learn tips to make you bird clever!, Hi my name is Kim. I keep a variety of very Clever Birds! I keep Australian native and exotic parrots. Cockatiels I guess fill up more space than any others in my garden and bird room. I show my cockatiels and have a breeding program for a rare mutation which appeared in the latest "A Guide To Cockatiels" book, written up by Dr Terry Martin who is a world famous bird geneticist. A photo of my bird showed the unusual feather patterning and colour. Budgerigars were my first bird and I keep the show budgies and Bush Budgies. My interest is in breeding unusual colours.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Winter for Cockatiels - Cold weather can bring out illnesses

Check out the bird articles on The Pet Directory website for information on bird care for you pet or aviary bird. Winter is a time when birds, like us, get low resistence to illnesses that they are predisposed to. Keep an eye out for green droppings. If you see this take your bird to an avian bird vet immediately. They will be given a dose of special bird medicine for this and a little course of it to give to them at home for around 8 to 10 days. In winter drafts are your birds enemy.

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